Dare Digital︎︎︎
Creative Directors: Flo Heiss & James Cooper︎︎︎
Art Director: Stuart Peddie︎︎︎
Code (Papervision): Carlos Ulloa︎︎︎
Code: Lorenzo Spadoni︎︎︎
Animation and sound: Thomas Eberwein & Marc Kremers

One show . Silver pencil
Webby . People’s Voice Winner (Telecommunications)
Webby . Nomination (Best navigation/structure)
D&AD . Wood pencil
Flash in the can, Toronto
Cannes Cyber Lions . Finalist
FWA of the day

The brief was simple, create a website like no other.
The challenge was to find a simple way to allow users to explore a constantly evolving site.

We came up with a revolving modular design which users could rotate to visit different areas of the site. This was combined with a simple keyboard navigation using the arrow keys so users could easily return to menus or explore more deeply without getting lost.

"Conceived as an ever-changing celebration of colour, the site will be guest-edited on a quarterly basis by people from different walks of life, each giving their individual take on colour. First up, it’s the guys from Passion Pictures (the company behind the new Play-Doh commercial). The site also gives users the opportunity to own their own colour on the unique Colourwall."

Press release︎︎︎

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