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Chips Ahoy!

La Escalera de Fumío︎︎︎
Join Creative Direction: Juancho Delgado︎︎︎
Development: Crowd Digital︎︎︎

The Lovie Awards - Shortlisted in Social: Promotions & Contests

We partnered with Chips Ahoy! to create a unique game experience for their Instagram Account launch.

We designed a filter game where users could compete against each other eating virtual cookies to win real ones, the first of its kind.

A platform in which Chips Ahoy! takes their product to "a new dimension", following their strategy joining the eGames world, "where augmented reality and interaction with users is the key".

The aim of the game was simple, users had to eat as many virtual cookies as possible but only the authentic Chips Ahoy! with chocolate chips. For two weeks the highest daily score got as many real Chips Ahoy! cookies as points.

In two weeks the filter game got more than 500k impressions and had over 20k players.

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