Creative Direction


La Escalera de Fumío︎︎︎
Joint Creative Direction: Juancho Delgado︎︎︎
Creatives: Ana Lahera, Ana Moreno
Films: Blo que︎︎︎
Production: Timing (Rodrigo Ramos)

How many myths are there about alcohol consumption?

That beer makes you less drunk than spirits; that if you drink coffee and take a cold shower you will get rid of a hangover, that two glasses of beer have less alcohol than a measure of spirit drink.

For this reason, we developed the campaign “DISTILLING TRUTHS” presented by Tanqueray and J&B, which offers information to consumers so that those who choose to drink, do so on the basis of correct information. 

Using scientific facts (and awareness) it demystifies the beliefs surrounding alcohol consumption and explains that the important thing is to control the amount of alcohol you drink, because there is no better way to consume alcohol responsibly than to do so in a conscientious and informed way. 

It is not what you drink, but how much you drink. Thus, the truth around alcohol consumption is revealed.

© David Boleas
2023 ☻